A New Era in Prostate Cancer Treatment

April 2, 2012

Treatment for prostate cancer ends for those men who are blessed to be cured of the disease through their primary treatment which is usually some form of surgery, radiation or combination of both. However, those men who have a recurrence of the disease after their primary treatment are faced with added dimensions in their battle with the disease. Hormone therapy is usually the first course of treatment following the primary treatment but this course of treatment is not curative. Once hormone treatment is no longer effective for men they are then faced with what is termed “advanced prostate cancer.”

For years the primary, and often only treatment for advanced prostate cancer was chemotherapy until the Food and Drug Administration approved Provenge in April 2010. Provenge ushered in a new and novel treatment that seemed to have opened the gates for a rapid development of treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

Provenge is a pioneering immunotherapy treatment that has set the stage for what is hoped will be a series of new treatments leading to making prostate cancer a chronic disease where fewer and fewer men will die from it.

PHEN is focusing on immunotherapy treatments for prostate cancer during April on this 2nd anniversary of the approval of Provenge. Please tune into our webcast on April 11th at www.rapcancer.org .

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